Help Small Businesses get back to normal during COVID!

Although we’ve had great news regarding a vaccine that is stated to be 90% effective fighting the COVID virus, we are still months away from delivering this vaccine to the American public. Small businesses need help NOW and our local and federal governments should and could help them out!
Since it is known that COVID-19 is mainly spread through person-to-person and virus-laden droplet contact, it makes sense to provide government funds for small businesses to install HEPA filtration systems, UV Lighting, and humidifiers. 

This would dramatically aid in fighting the virus indoors at a relatively small cost.

The costs to install a new filtration and humidification systems seems to average around $4,000 to $5,000 USD.
The government could grant small businesses these funds to update their business with HEPA filtration, UV systems, and humidifiers. Also, fund employers employees for the time it takes to install the systems, and then follow a process to confirm a successful installation.  A simple installation/confirmation process could be:
This small business opening grant/process should be added to the current COVID-19 phased plans that many states are using to combat the Corona virus. It would also help boost infrastructure through the construction, installation, project management, and operation of these systems.  Considered a win-win!!!  To me this seems like an efficient, effective, and economical way to get our small businesses up and running to capacity during the winter months. 

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